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We partner with chiropractors to book out practices with high quality long-term patients.

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1. We meet with you to assess your practice's needs, goals, and target market.

2. We get to work building your practice's reputation online so that you can be found and standout.

3. Your office books more new and return patients, compounding your profitability and impact


Responsiveness, Transparency and Measurable Results

Rankings Progress Report - See how your practice is getting more exposure by area and category

Monthly Traffic Update - Track measurable results over time and understand change agents

Direct Access and Support - We're a small business like yours.  
Our clients enjoy direct access to us via email and phone.

Do You Need Chiropractic New Patient Marketing?

Independent operators, skilled chiropractic practitioners, who want to transform more lives and have more profitability. 

You’re busy- managing the office, caring for patients, and figuring out how to pay the bills.You got into chiropractic to change lives and have options.  Instead you’re trying to figure out profitability with high patient turnover and wondering

1. How to get more referrals
2. What digital marketing investment will actually be worth it. You’ve built your practice to this point, but you’re not sure where to go next.  

The changing reality of how patients find your practice imposes a necessity that you don’t necessarily have enough information to make a confident decision yet.

Meanwhile, you’re still wanting to making an impact in your community while creating freedom and flexibility in your life.

Take a few moments to learn about how marketing for chiropractors is changing and why your practice needs to make a change or get left behind.


Whether you’re looking to fill your existing schedule,or bring on additional doctors to be able to step away from your practice, we can help you make it happen..

Why We Specialize in Chiropractic Marketing Strategy


At ChiroGold, we are dedicated digital marketers with over a decade of experience across industries. We strive to make a difference for chiropractors and their communities by positioning them for short term and long term success.

We don’t work with everybody, and we don’t want to.  In fact, we turned away someone just the other day so that we can best serve our chiropractic clients with unparalleled focus.


Being a small, chiropractic focused agency allows us to serve our clients with a level of attention to detail and customized service that the big agencies cannot match. 

When you call us, we answer our phones and take the reputation of your practice seriously.

That’s one reason we offer month to month service.  We want our best clients to be working with us year after year by choice.

Some of Our Successful Clients

6x More New Patient Referrals

With her expertise in SEO she was able to create a website that consistently ranks at the top when searched organically. My patients can find me easily or refer friends to the site and potential new patients are finding us like never before.  It has easily paid for itself... Thanks Jenn, you're awesome!

DR. CHRIS MUSACCHIO  //  Chiropractor


That is the word to describe Jennifer and her team.  Her rock solid knowledge is someone I can rely on when it comes to internet marketing. I highly recommend her services.

CHARLES CHUA  //  Consultant

Proven Chiropractor Marketing Results

Here are some examples of marketing results
clients have seen after the first 1 month:

  • From nowhere to page 1
  • +5 page position increases
  • New positions on page 1
trusted chiropractor seo company

See results with our chiropractic SEO services.

What's Our Backstory?

Our founder, Jennifer Glidden, struggled with health issues while working in a cubicle for many years.  It wasn’t until she left corporate life to start her own business, that she came to discover the power of marketing, and also break out of the traditional Western medicine understanding of healthcare.  

Regular chiropractic care has been instrumental to her journey back to health and for enabling the robust health of her children since their natural births.  

Building ChiroGold is part of Jennifer's and the ChiroGold team's mission to empower more chiropractors so they can impact their local communities with holistic health solutions.

Jennifer Glidden

chiropractor seo expert
chiropractor seo reviews

Systematic, Proven Marketing Results

No gimmicks- no unsustainable growth teases. Just systematic, repeatable results.

Just as you’re compounding your patient base year after year, so are we. 

See the 29% year over year traffic increases one of our clients experienced!

chiropractor marketing plan

What About Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors?

While there are a lot of social media marketing companies out there who are happy to provide a “flavor of the season” digital marketing service for a month or three, from our decade of experience, we know that the most profitable long term ROI comes from partnering with a company that can deliver results month after month and year after year.

If you’re looking for steady, consistent, and reliable growth of your ideal patient base, your brand’s reputation, and your exposure in your local market, that is what we’re here to provide.  Our services deliver the most profitable and sustainable long term play available for your practice.  

Of course, there are also short term improvements to look forward to.  Our new clients begin seeing measurable rankings and traffic improvements within the first month.

How can we rely on SEO as the best chiropractic marketing solution?

As long as
 1. the internet exists and
2. there are people suffering with pain and seeking treatment without drugs or surgery, there will be ideal patients looking for your practice in your town.

That is why we believe that search engine optimization is the best and safest long term marketing strategy for chiropractors that exists.

Experienced Chiropractic SEO Specialists

If you’ve heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none,”

you’ll have a sense of why we’ve chosen to focus on getting our clients in the winner take all position for targeted search results.  

Being buried on page 5 doesn’t generate phone calls. 

Showing up in the map results and top of page 1 organic results gets new patients in the door.

The world of SEO changes constantly but there are also certain fundamentals about how search engines work that have to be true.

Which Do You Think Will Get Better Results?​

1. The lay person or hobbyist who thinks they can watch some youtube videos or read a few articles on searchengineland and be an seo expert.

2. A dedicated SEO specialist who invests hours of training and testing into skill development each week. This time investment is impractical for anyone except dedicated SEO specialists. 

In today’s environment, the fact is that safe, proven and reliable SEO strategy requires experience and constant testing to optimally influence search engine results and avoid penalties.  For most practice owners, tracking every algorithm update and backlink is the last thing they want to add to their plate.  Yet, the situation remains that targeted organic search traffic is the most coveted and valuable form of traffic, aside from referrals and chiropractic email marketing.

As social media marketing platforms come and go, along with their place in building your company’s reputation, there are a few reasons why we believe investing in quality chiropractic seo services will pay off more than any other marketing method.

❌ PPC volumes 5% or less of organic traffic potential- campaign management costs generally higher than what you can spend for ad spend

❌ Social media interruption marketing ad specials attract bargain hunters, not patients who sought you for your expertise

❌ Directories don’t have a high trust factor. They are people’s last resort if they can’t find an answer or better solution anywhere else.

SEO and Reputation Management is ideal for:

✅ Targeted search traffic- people with pain problems need solutions
✅  Local maps visibility and instant click to call accessibility
✅ Trusted endorsement from organic search results- people turn to Google for referrals before they text their best friend.
✅  Building long term exposure and value of the brand

We couple this search engine influence building with reputation building to give your practice the ultimate local advantage. This is the second part of our secret sauce.

The Pain Can End - Get Clarity Today

If you’ve been racking your brain trying to figure out how to grow your business sustainably with measurable results, let’s schedule a 10-15 minute conversation to plan a roadmap for success in your local market. 

If you’re serious about taking your practice to the next level, our expert staff will invest an hour of research, at no cost to you ($347 value), to create a custom business analysis in preparation to discuss your business goals, the local competition and formulate an actionable game plan.  


 To prevent conflict of interest and offer the highest quality service, we exclusively partner with one practice in each area.  Once we’re working with someone in your area, the opportunity to work with us is closed while that business relationship is active.  If you’re interested, schedule a call now.

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